Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 2
Classroom refurbishment.

What to do about the board?

This is the board in question.  Lots of room for students to spread out and work, only problem, the "chalkboard" doesn't work very well.  I've asked around (thanks @druinok, @davidwees, @pamjwilson, @TPalmer207, @mashupmath, @jodyskinner76) and gotten some input. My choices are;
  1. Repaint it with chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint.
  2. Buy shower board from home improvement center 
  3. Be on the look out for companies tossing their old whiteboard 
  4. Buy new whiteboards.

This board looks like a chalkboard but it's actually green fabric with a cork board-like material underneath. For now, this board is on hold. My plans for it will be to change out the material with a pretty blue.

Tomorrow students will use the board to draw graphs and I'll see how they like it. I'm not sure how they will like it but I do know chalk is messy. When I moved in the chalkboard tray was full of chalk dust and the floor also had a fine layer of dust.

Next post:
1. Students reactions to using the "chalkboard"
2.  Student graphs of "Who I Am" survey.

1 comment:

  1. A few ideas..

    On the chalkboard - if you tested the chalkboard paint on the corner/edge, it wouldn't stand out as much as the whiteboard paint. I think they even make a spray paint version.

    On the corkboard - Wow, what awesome display space!! You could put up student work/posters or maybe even hang small group whiteboards.

    Your room is so large and airy - I love it!