Sunday, July 31, 2016


New school year, new blog, new commitment.  I've tried to blog before but once school starts back, I always have other things I think are more pressing. Plus, when I look back at what I've blogged I'm not so sure I want others to be reading it.  So this time I'm doing things differently.

First, I'm telling a few of those I follow on Twitter that I'm starting up. Second, I'm committing to the MTBoS because that's where I go to share/learn from colleagues. Third, I'm adding a reminder on my "Alarmed" app so I'll remember my commitment.

Tomorrow we start back.

I'll be blogging about my new (to me) classroom.  I'm learning about VNPS and ordering whiteboards to go over my blackboards, thanks to @davidwees, @druinok, @pamjwilson, and @TPalmer207.

Thanks to MTBoS for being inclusive, you have built a wonderful community.

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